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The Yé-Yé Years

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In the early 60s, the youth discover new beats from the other side of the Channel and the other side of the Atlantic…

Every weekday at 5pm, they would gather around the transistor radios which their parents were sure to have, to listen to the variety pop music program “Salut les Copains”. The show would begin with the “Favourite of the Week” before Daniel Filipacchi counts down the chart hits. It is the time of the pioneers of television, then still in black and white, from Pierre Sabbagh to Guy Lux; from Georges de Caunes, Léon Zitrone, Albert Raisner and Jean-Christophe Averty to the launch of a second channel which showed programs such as “Age tendre et têtes de bois”, “Intervilles” and “Les Raisins verts” – all popular variety shows in France at the time. And we can’t forget the cult shows such as “Le Temps des copains”, “Janique Aimée”, “Belle et Sébastien” and “Belphégor”. This chronicle shares the story of France at a time when people were appreciating new kinds of freedom and the beginning of progress; when people spoke of love and not the unemployment situation; when people sang and danced, with smiles on their faces.

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Author(s) : Pessis (Jacques) et Leduc (Émilie)
EAN : 9782205056778
Date of publication : 2004-11-13
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